The name Amendoeira em Flor means Almond Tree in Blossom, since Algarve is known for it’s almond trees that between February and March blossom and cover the fields with their beautiful flowers. The name is also related to my favourite Algarve moorish legend, it tells how a northern european princess (Gilda) married to a young moorish king that ruled and lived in Al-Gharb (Algarve) was saved from death by melancolia,  when her king ordered a plantation of almond trees in this kingdom. Like so, in each spring, the almond trees would blossom, covering the fields in white and such beautiful sight that would remind the princess about the snow in her country.

This blog results from the combination of my love for photography, travel, food and cooking. It started simply as a blog in Portuguese language to share some recipes with family and friends, but since I’m living in Italy it must go International. The blog is mainly focused on food experiences in Italy and in Portugal, but it may expand to other places where I happen to travel.

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