My 10 favourite quick foods in Lisbon

Did I mention that Lisbon is a city that has a very special place in my heart? I guess so.. I’m getting repetitive here. I miss that light from Tejo river, the hills, the architecture, the colours, the light, the belvederes, the azulejos and the calçada all the time. But is not only the city itself and the people I miss, I also miss some particular foods that I can only find there, at least as good as those.

These are the foods that are always part of my mental food checklist as soon as I land in Lisbon airport. Of course, most of the times I don’t get to eat them because I usually can’t manage to eat all that goodness in such limited amount of time. I seriously hope this list comes handy to you.

  • Meat filled yeast dough pastries – Frutalmeidas

Frutalmeidas in Avenida de Roma is a hidden treasure in a residential neighborhood. It is a unpretentious caffè/ fruit market where you can choose from a big selection of natural fruit juices, soups, light meals and fruit cakes. Their meat filled pastries, that in Portuguese go by the name of pastéis de massa tenra, are a real savory treat.

Avenida de Roma 45, 1700-342, Lisboa

  • Goat cheese rosemary and honey tiborna  – Taberna Ideal


 A Tiborna is basically a type of crostini that is typical from the south part of Portugal, this one made with goat cheese, rosemary and a drizzle of honey from Taberna Ideal is to eat and to cry for more. Not only this tiborna is that good, but I can say the same for everything from this restaurant, but there might be some kind of bias here, because it is my favourite restaurant in Lisbon. Go try it and you’ll know what I mean.

Rua da Esperança, 112, 1200, Santos, Lisboa

  • Samosas – Caxemira

This Tandoori, hidden in a residential building, restaurant sells the best Samosas I have ever tried. But I have to mention that they are not really produced there. I discovered by chance the other day that they are a product of the restaurant Taj A Palhota, located in S. João do Estoril, that is actually from the family of a friend of mine. This discovery just made my day, also because this friend and her family family own a food of the world market called Glood and they sell these samosas there aswell. Still, Caxemira is my favourite Indian restaurant in town.

Rua Condes de Monsanto, 4, 1100-159, Lisboa

  • Prego – Mercearia Criativa



A Prego is a very typical  a steak cooked with garlic sandwich, that you can find all over Portugal but specially in Lisbon. It is a very traditional quick meal that should always be eaten with a bit of mustard sauce in it. Mearcearia Criativa really does a good job in making this Prego using bolo do caco bread from Madeira island, a match made in heaven.

Avenida Guerra Junqueiro 4A, 1000-167, Lisboa

  • Bulhão Pato sautéed clams – Ramiro

These sautéed clams are seasoned with some wine, garlic and coriander and are one of my all time favourite Portuguese tapas. You can get these clams in several places in Lisbon, but you might want to go to Cervejaria Ramiro and eat them along with other great and fresh seafood dishes.

Avenida Almirante Reis, 1 , 1150-007 Lisboa

  • Chocolate cake – Landeau



This is truly the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted in my life. It has 3 different layers of perfect chocolate combinations that are almost imperceptible, the cake, the mousse and the top ganache layer. Just perfect…If you happen to be a chocolate fan, then give this one cake a try.

Rua das Flores, 70, 1250, 1250-195 Chiado, Lisboa

Rua Rodrigues Faria, 103, 1300-501 LxFactory, Lisboa

  • Tropical fruit gelatos – Santini 


In Italy I have tasted some of the best gelato of my life, no doubt. But Lisbon has great tropical fruit gelatos, it is all a matter of quality of the available ingredients. My favourite Santini fruit flavours are Mango, Coco and Strawberry.

Rua do Carmo, 9, 1200, Lisboa

  • Careca’s Croissant – Pastelaria do Restelo

This is neither a french type of croissant, nor a Portuguese type one, let’s say it is just a rich, buttery and so good croissant type. Even if it is a bit away from the usual Lisbon visit tracks, I would still recommend a detour, at least for any croissant lover or foodie visiting Lisbon.

Rua Duarte Pacheco Pereira, 11, 1400-139, Lisboa

  • Pão de Deus – Padaria Portuguesa

Pão de Deus is a classsic from portuguese industrial pastry. It consists of a sweet brioche with a coconut and egg topic that becomes the most delicious crust when comes out of the oven. The coconut topping is the best part of it and in Padaria Portuguesa they are not cheap on that part, that is why it is so good.

  • Pastel de Belém – Pastéis de Belém

 The most famous pastry in all Lisbon, the great “ I have to wait on this huge like to get one?” Pastel de Belém. No one likes to wait on a huge line to get a pastry, specially the locals, but these Pastéis de Belém are worth every minute of that waiting time. Even if it comes in every Lisbon guide and the line is big, for me they are still the best in town.

Rua de Belém, 84-92, 1300-085, Lisboa

This will still be my reference food checklist next time I land in Lisbon, but until then, I’ll keep daydreaming about it. Are you in Lisbon or going to Lisbon? Then have one for me please! 🙂


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  1. I had the pao de lo at Mercearia Criativa, which was divine, but will have to make it back for a prego. Looks super delicious! Thanks for sharing your favorites!

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