A real Coffee Cake



In my hometown, Lagos, in Portugal, there is a very special pastry shop called Gombá. This year the pastry shop is celebrating 50 years of existence and I had celebrate with them here in the blog.

Since the year it opened its doors, 1964, this house has been making not only, but specially, the best birthday cakes in town. There are at least 2 generations that grew up with cakes coming from this place. It is amazing to remember how all the birthday parties that I attended growing up were not complete without Gombá’s coffee cake. Yes… the coffee cake is the king of all cakes in this place. It consists in a simple sponge, with a middle layer and cover of coffee cream, finished with the nicest shaves of chocolate. It seems simple but it is a pretty unique cake, and aren’t simple things usually the best? Simple as it might seem, the secret of the coffee cream you will never be able to find.

If you are visiting Gombá for the first time and you think coffee cake is not for you, I would still encourage you to try this one. But if you really think it is not for you, then you also have a good selection of other amazing cakes like the “Duquesa” with a marvelous cream and coconut cover layer, the Tiramisú cake (it is a cake version of Tiramisú), milk pudding tarts (Queijadas de leite) and other temptations with fruit, lots of eggs and coconut.

Now that I shared the reason why this pastry shop is in my heart, I will just make a wish, that is that the coming generations of people in Lagos keep having the privilege to be enjoying a pastry shop like this for a long, long, loooong time. A big thank you to D. Zézinha, the very nice owner, that still keeps running strong this business located at Rua Cândido Reis nº 56, Lagos, in our beautiful small seaside town.

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