Boozy Chocolate Salami

Salame de chocolate

At home all the best chocolate desserts include a bit of Aguardente de Medronho (Portuguese Arbutus Grappa). As my father family is from Monchique (the highest mountain in Algarve) and there is a great production of good Aguardente there, we always keep some bottles of it home. Pairing chocolate and spirit drinks is not new at all, but what amazes me the most is that that the particular use of Aguardente de Medronho elevates the chocolate taste without being too overwhelming, it just leaves an amazing perfume. Since this is a quite simple recipe, without too many ingredients, the better the quality of the chocolate and the cookies is the better will be your Salami. It is quick and easy…you can of course add toasted nuts or raisins if you would like to pimp a bit more the salami. In Portugal the first recipe that most kids will start by doing in their life is this one, without the alcohol of course. We do it at school or at home, it is a great and fun first recipe to get started in the kitchen, with all that bashing and mixing. After you try this recipe, I guarantee you will never buy Chocolate Salami from the supermarkets again.


  • 1 big egg ( or 2 small ones);
  • 200 g of Maria/Marie cookies (Rich Tea- UK and Oro Saiwa-Italy);
  • 50 g of chocolate powder;
  • 50g de cocoa powder;
  • 100g of butter;
  • 100g of sugar;
  • Portuguese Arbutus grappa (Aguardente de medronho) (used 3 to 4 tablespoons).


Start by breaking the cookies in coarse pieces (more or less the size of a small nail). In a big bowl add all the dry ingredients, the egg, butter and the grappa. Mix well all the ingredients with your hands (this is the fun and messy part, if there are kids around let them help with this). Use parchment paper to mold a cilinder with the mix, transfer the cilinder to aluminum foil and let it freeze overnight or at least 6 hours.

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