Simple Red Fruit Crumble

When you go over for dinner at friends and they put you in charge of dessert, sometimes (maybe many times) you don’t want to spend the whole day shopping and baking. This is a really simple and quick dessert that, when served with a ball of vanilla ice cream, will seem like it envolved a considerable amount of effort to do it. The ice cream will also help balancing the red fruit acidity. It is the perfect ending for a earthy and meaty meal.

The apple crumble was already a favourite of mine, I usually do it many times, but this time I wanted to try something different, not to mention that I had a bag of red fruits in the freezer waiting to be used.



  • 3 zests of lemon
  • pack of frozen red fruit (450g)
  • 50g de brown sugar


  • 150g of flour
  • 75g of butter
  • 50g refined sugar
  • handful of toasted almond in pieces


Cook the frozen red fruit in a non-stick pan with the sugar and lemon zest, it will be ready when the fruit achieves a slight jammy consistency. Do not forget to always stir it. Remove the lemon zest and place the red fruit on a baking dish.

For the  crumble you add the flour, sugar and melted butter and incorporate everything with the tips of your fingers. You know it is ready when you press a handful of the mixture and hold it’s consistency. Spread the crumble over the red fruit purée and put it in the over at 180ºC. The crumble will be done when it is done when the crumble looks golden and crispy.

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